How to Reach Rakcham / Chitkul from Delhi using Public Transport

Option 1. Direct Bus from Delhi to Sangla

There is an HRTC bus ( Ordinary bus ) which leaves Delhi ISBT AT 9:50 PM, Everyday for Sangla ( 24 KM before Chitkul ). The bus will reach Sangla at 5 PM the following day. Last bus from Sangla to Chitkul leaves at 6:00 PM and for Rakcham 6:30 PM. In case you miss these, Tax is your last option. Call us we can help you arrange the same

NOTE : Last time we check, this bus doesn’t shows on HRTC Website


Option 2. Delhi to Rampur, Rampur to Sangla

There is Tata AC Bus that goes to Rampur Bushar ( Available on HRTC BUS ). Bus will reach Rampur by 9.30-10am the next day. From Rampur you can take any bus till Karcham ( You Should find those at a good frequency ) . From Karcham take any Bus/Shared Cab for Sangla/Rakcham/Chitkul.

Option 3. Delhi to Shimla, Shimla to Sangla

Take any Bus Delhi ISBT to Shimla which reaches Shimla by 6:00 AM. From Shimla ISBT there is 1 Bus to Sangla which leaves around 6:30 AM

Option 4. Delhi to Shimla, Shimla to Rampur

From Shimla, take any bus to Rampur Bushar and from Rampur follow Option 2

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